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What is a good indoor dog that is not too pricey?

I would really like a dog. I would really like a good dog for indoors, is easy to train, and is friendly, and is not too pricey. SO anyone have any ideas they could tell me??
Pomeranian - Awesome personalities and love to hang around relaxing after even the smallest spurts of energy spent on a walk or just chasing a ball in the yard.
A cat
Yes. They have dogs that are a great price, that need a home, updated on all there shots, and are spayed and neutered. A lot of them are already housed trained. Safe a life... adopt.
they say men are dogs
get a rescue dog, they are so thank ful they love you forever.
Yes, is da bomb. I always check out that site every so often.
toy Poodle or Pomeranian or some toy mix breed is cheap.
I have maltese and poms and the mix of both, they are great inside dogs. Mine are litter trained, so they dont have to go outside to potty, when it is raining, or cold and snowy. I also raise the mix of the maltese and pom, they are beautiful little long haired dogs.
I have the perfect dog..she is a lab/shepard mix. We live in Arizona, so she is inside unless I take her for walks (it is really hot outside most of the time). She is really good, and was very easy to train.short hair is a must if your dog will be spending lots of time indoors.
Here's the best part: I got her at our local humane society animal shelter. I only had to pay $85 and that covered her shots, spaying, a leash and some toys. She is better than my friend's pure bred dogs!
A shelter mutt- I love mine :)
go to this site, take the quiz, figure out the perfect dog for you...
then go to this site and adopt a dog that really needs a good home
llhasa aphso i dunno how 2 spell it but go 2 or sumthin they r cheap
You should look on There are pictures of the dogs, and there are descriptions where they usually say if the dog is housetrained, etc. They know the temperment of the dog, too. If you want an indoor dog that is a companion dog, try breeds and mixes such as Bichon Frise, Papillon, Chihuahua, Maltese, Pekingese, Yorkies, Shih Tzu, Pomeranian, Pug, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Miniature Pinscher, Poodle, Bulldog, French Bulldog, Boston Terrier, Lhasa Apso, Schnauzer, or Schipperke. I would highly recommend getting an adult dog if you don't want endless exhausting puppy energy. All the dogs on petfinder are rescues, so they aren't in it for the money. But there are still a lot of purebreds there. Please consider rescuing your new pup. You'll be saving his life!
A small dog from the animal shelter.
They don't come with any long-term health guarantees, but they are less expensive than puppies straight from a breeder. :)
Well check out
I have two Bichon Frise X Toy Poodle. They are small about 10 pounds (maybe more). They are black and we got them for 200 dollars each (canadian)

What is a good hipscore for a bullmastiff?

his sire has -12 -9 on his ped papers and does it matter for breading even though his genaration paper is covered with red ccs
Oh, you're British. Or your dog's heritage is British? That makes a difference. I think in your last question people were trying to figure out your dog's sire's score based on American testing methods.
Really, it doesn't greatly matter what your dog's sire's score is if you want to breed your dog. The fact that your dog's sire had his hips tested suggest that your dog's breeder was a responsible breeder. (I don't know British hip scores, but why don't you ask your breeder for help reading your pedigree?)
If you want to be a responsible breeder, too, you need to get your Bullmastiff tested before breeding him. You can't take shortcuts by using your dog's sire's records.
You should also put some Challenge Certificates on your Bullmastiff, instead of relying on the CCs in his pedigree. A dog's not worth breeding just because he has good ancestors. He has to be good himself to be worth breeding.
Have just answerd your previous question but, yes, hip scores are very important. Not much use having a handful of Champions behind if the next generation is crippled with hip dysplasia.
I have a dog whose pedigree is full of champions but he is not suitable for stud. He does not meet the breed standard he is too tall. Has your dog been in the show ring?
Discuss it with your vet you could have your dog hip score tested
I have just answered your previous question.
Yes, it is certainly worth building up a picture of the hip scores of the dogs in your dogs pedigree. After all, your dog's genes came from these dogs.
Hip displasia is something which can be inherited although there are other things which influence a dog's hips such as it's environment and nutrition.
As far as hips are concerned, the hip score of your dog itself is most important though.
I should say that there is a lot more to breeding than just a hip score. For example you should be considering your dog's conformation and movement, temperament and overall health. Has he been assessed by a good conformation judge?
You will need to have all the other health tests required for the breed carried out.

What is a good food recipe for large breed dogs?

I have a 5 month old St. Bernard who is just skin and bones because he's growing so fast. We feed him top of the line Large breed puppy food but its obviously not giving him the nutrition he needs. What are some "human" foods that I can give him, or a does anybody have a St. Bernard Dog food recipe?
First.. talk to his breeder.
It is crucial that giant breeds of dogs grow as SLOWLY as possible to minimize the risks of hip/elbow dysplasia.
My Bernese pups shoot up overnight and look all scraggly thin and then a day or two later they start filling out again. If his coat looks good, his eyes are bright and he's not being wayyyy more sedentary than usual I wouldn't worry about it. Since I have siblings I can almost see who is prepping for a growth spurt.
Thin really is much better for a giant breed who is growing.
My mentor in Bernese simply suggested I add more fat and carbs to their diet since fat and carbs are burnable energy as opposed to building blocks (protein). So even though I raw feed primarily I add a bit of raw ground meat to cooked cooled oatmeal or rice as well as a bit of olive oil and give a bit of that a couple times a week.
You may also want to see if there is a Yahoo! St. Bernard email list you can ask.
First you always want to establish the health of the dog. Does it have worms? If not, are you feeding it the right amount for its breed? If you do, you maybe need to try some products with a lot of by product ingrediance. Potato wet food (dog food) mixed with dry food.
I would suggest that you do some research before switching his diet. basically the more info you have on nutrition the better you will be at determining if the recipe is balanced or not. I would talk with a holistic vet and get some info from them and then do some research on the net and see what you come up with. There are also a ton of books on dog nutrition at the library. Your dog deserves the best, so make sure you make an informed decision when it comes to his diet!
Boil fresh ground beef, brown rice,vegetables, cool and feed.
Cook rice first, takes twenty minutes of boiling.Drain if any water left. Boil meat and veggies together 15 to 20 mins.
Can be frozen in zip lock bags also. Freeze portion sizes.
Night before feeding thaw in the refridgerator, then warm in micro wave ** stir well, then touch to make sure isn't too hot!
A healthy meal that my veterinarian recommended for my dog is rice mixed with ground hamburger or lamb.(obviously cooked) first you can feed that to it plain..then once it adjust to it you can start putting it on top of its food. Hope your puppy gets better!
go to yyour local feed and seed store and get ht e32 %protein puppy and nursing dog food form them its about 21 dollars for a 50 lb bag it should do the trick...
Chicken,rice and gravy. The rice will stick to their stomachs, the chicken will give them nutrients, and the gravy will add some extra calories.
Go on and buy the book Woofing it will find an entire human dog food diet for your dog..

What is a good dog name that would fit any dog?

Sam - Non-Gender Specific
Furrball!! Its what I named my dog.
max is the number one dog name...
rover, fido, deefor (d for dog)
buffy is the name which fwould fit any dog big dog small dog watch dog pet dog high maintanence do low maintanence dog naughty dog matured dog any dog
Reagan, Pinto, Catch, Bandy, Dandy, Munchkin, Twinkie, Shadow, Star, Paddy, etc. I know there are tons more that would work for either gender or breed but too late or early as the case may be to think. :o)
HELVE $$$$... - A friend/pathfinder to his master.
Jimmy $$...
Rover, Bosco, Bowser
Bailey. Works for both sexes and most breeds and its kind of cute.
if its a girl angel(my dogs name) and if its a boy, mac, max, odin, buddy, ext.
I've 3 shepherds, one called molly (I call her hoover cos she picks everything up) one called Petra and one called Lillie
Sunka. You pronounce it shoonkah. It is Lakota for "dog" so you would have a dog named dog.
Agamemnon? Zeus? Zaphod Beeblebrox?? Linus? Pepper?
Minerva? Yeah..I'm not great with girly dog names.
Dog o_O
Good luck though
Snuffles, Snow flake.
Maxie. It could be spelt that way for male or female.
Deogy-non gender specific. It is pronounced way you spell dog, D O G.
Fetch me a beer.
1 Max
2 Jake
3 Buddy
4 Bailey
5 Sam
6 Rocky
7 Buster
8 Casey
9 Cody
10 Duke
11 Charlie
12 Jack
13 Harley
14 Rusty
15 Toby
16 Murphy
17 Shelby
18 Sparky
19 Barney
20 Winston
1 Maggie
2 Molly
3 Lady
4 Sadie
5 Lucy
6 Daisy
7 Ginger
8 Abby
9 Sasha
10 Sandy
11 Dakota
12 Katie
13 Annie
14 Chelsea
15 Princess
16 Missy
17 Sophie
18 Bo
19 Coco
20 Tasha

What is a good dog for me to get after my chocolate labrador dies. i like big and medium sized dogs?

I can understand that you might not want another chocolate lab or another lab because it would remind you too much of the one who passed.
I recommend going to a shelter and picking out an adult mixed breed. That way you already know the size and temperament.
There are beautiful and unique mixed breed dogs. I once saw a rottie mix in a shelter who had golden eyes. I bet you could find a good one.
get a golden retreiver, they're super friendly
How about another Choc Lab? I have a beagle and he is awesome but on the smaller side. My parents have a golden retriever.
are you sitting around waiting for that special day? if so, i don't think you're the best candidate for another pet.
get another lab they make the best dogs lol i have a mine lab and hes just the sweetest and easies going dog i have every had!! i love him to pices
I think that you should get a german shepherd dog they're really loyal and easy to train and they are really freindly females are medium sized and males are larger than females
i love boxers personally they are so cool and friendly.
you should get a smaller dog like a dachshund, or a cairn terrier if you get a bigger dog it's going to be to hard to handle since you had a big dog that died.
Thinking Ahead?? Anyway, I guess that's none of my business! I beg you to look at your shelter. You can find a larger dog there- Breeders and pet stores are why millions of dogs are killed each year. Try heres a search i did for my area- you can look in yours!
Try going to a shelter and take your pick of the hundreds of dogs just waiting to be adopted.
Why not get a black lab or a yellow lab? I wouldn't get another choc one that would be like your replacing your dog and i don't think you would want to do that.
I have a yellow lab/rottie mix and he is a large dog.
I would suggest another LAB. A good friend of mine had a pet pass away, and got another just like em. In her mind thats her previous dog's brother or something. IT helped with the grieving process.. and she got to do it all over again with a new puppy.
Why not get one now, before it dies? Go to the humane society or pound and pick one out your lab likes also. They can be buds, you can be buds with them and when your lab goes, your replacement is right there grinning atcha.
Go to a shelter and adopt a dog and save it's life.
You'll have your pick of whatever breed/mix you'd like. My shelter dogs have been the best dogs I've ever known.
I would go with either another lab or a golden retriever they are really smart dogs.
That's a pretty cold question.

What is a good dog for hubby and i?

we plan to go to our nearest shelter and ask this. but i want a ballpark of the breeds they may suggest so i can look up information about them prior to our visit. here is our situation/lifestyle:
we live in an apartment (900 sqft - can get permission for dog- already discussed with management)
we prefer a small dog (but no smaller than 25lbs)
we want a dog that is over 2 years old (we don't have the patience for potty training - and this is a rental!)
we want a dog that doesn't shed much
we want a dog that has a playful personality indoors as well as outdoors
we want a dog we can go on runs/walks with
we don't have kids (and don't plan on having one for a number of years), so child-frindlyness isn't an issue
one of us is always home (he works night shift, i work days)

if i think of anymore i'll post under details. but thats all we can think of for now. thank you for your help!!
i think mutts have the best personality, anything mixed, or purebred of the following breeds would probably be great
border collie
poodle (acctuly very smart and dont have to be groomed so ugly, plus dont shed)
any type of retriver
jack russel
any spaniel
anything in the herding and working catergory, try watching dog shows, id say go for medium breeds.
since you are obviously going to give a lot of excercise avoid the smushed in nosed dogs because they can have breathing problems
also try to avoid pit bulls, they are great dogs, but are unpredictable, and have enormous ammounts of strength that can be released in negative ways, also many places have laws against them.
A shih tzu or beagle may be perfectly suited for your home.
I would reccomend a lab or golden but they like it outside. How about an English Springer Spanel? Or a Cockerspanial
I dog sit a Scotty that is playful, that size, and doesn't shed a lot. There also great gaurd dogs at night.
This one is really funny and loves everything and everyone. Loves toys!
We live in an appartment that is about your size and we have 2 shi tzus. they are great, silent, they dont shed as much as most dogs do, keep their hair short and you will have no problems. I dont know about runs though, i would think that small dogs are not all that much into running, but double check and i also think a lot will depends on the personality of a dog rather then the breed. we have two and they are very different. a boy is amazingly lazy and just wants to chill he is 3 years old. and we have a puppy girl who is 6 month old and he is hyper and excited and curious about everything. dogs have personalities and i think that would be more important then the breed. by my vote is for Shi Tzus... they are cute, smart and absolutelly lovelly. We are newly married if that makes a difference.
a jack russell would be good. they have tons of energy and would benefit from runs/walks. they are small dogs and don't weigh more than 25lbs.
I have the perfect answer the Toy Fox Terrier they remain playful for their entire life
Love a beagle or beagle mix for all that. Mine is from a local shelter we live in a 1200sq house, he is 21.5lb (mixed with something smaller I think). He's only 1 and came pottytrained. He sheds a little. He is amazingly playful inside and out- but calm and sleepy during the day. Loves to walk/run upto 6 miles a day and still has energy/ Great with kids (even though you don't have any).
Maybe a poodle mix (mini or standard- toy will be too small) if you want a dog that doesn't shed alot- but it'll need more grooming. My beagley boy is groom-free- I just have to trim his nails.
a poodle seems to fit all of your requirements
I own two beagles. I love them to death and they are great dogs, but they do shed in the summer. They don't require grooming, but need a bath often. They are a breed of hound dogs so when they bark they kinda howl...and they are born hunters (they will spend hours sniffing out trails and chasing rabbits). They are excellent guard dogs and they love to play. They are energetic, but not as energetic as a Terrier. They are super gentle, are really picky.
I tend to think of any dog over 25 lbs. as a medium sized breed rather than small. My first inclination is a small standard poodle or a minature poodle (there are three sizes - toy (smallest) minature (medium) and standard (large). They are highly trainable, athletic, don't shed much at all (but do require grooming) and can be very playful.
Another good choice would be a whippet - quiet, highly trainable, low shed and very athletic. My mother-in-law has one - really nice dog. They are not hyper inside the house but boy can they run when outside.
A 900 SF apartment is small - do you have any outside space for the dog?
A border collie will go stark raving mad in an apartment - they need to be working dogs every day and they shed like nothing else. I had a border collie mix. Trust me on this one - wrong dog for you.
yorkies are the best they are soo cute and affectionate.
a picture is attached i pulled it from google
Sounds like a Westie to me. Around 25 pounds, hardly shed, very playful, need lots of exercise. These dogs are so much fun with tons of personality (dog-ality).
Kim at:

What is a good breed of dogs ?

I want a dog thats small to fit in a purses
I have an Ameican Eskimo and she's really nice and cute. American Eskimos come in three sizes and the smaller one might fit in a purse. Other than that, you can get a teacup Maltese.
Hope I helped!
A Chihuahua is a good breed
A toy poodle is a real cutie. A Chinese Crested has an interesting look.
I'm a fan of the bich-a-shitz-pom-chi-doxle-her... (designer-all the rage) - shepherdgirl and I may have a new litter soon (and every 6 months every female I own is alive)- email me if interested.
For a cavalier that'd have to be one big purse.
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppies for Sale
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
(Ruby Spaniel) (Blenheim Spaniel)

Daphne, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel at 3 years old. "She has the blenheim spot on the top of her head. Her favorite things to do are kiss, cuddle, and go on runs with our other dog Raven, an Australian Shepherd." A Blenheim Spot is a spot in the middle of the crown of the head. It is also sometimes called "the kiss of Buddha," or "Kissing Spot".
Find a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Breeder
Place an Ad

Rescue a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
List Your Rescue

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
This beautiful small spaniel has dark round expressive eyes that are large but not prominent. The tail is sometimes docked to no less then three times its length. It has a conical muzzle and a flat skull. It has a shallow stop, with well developed nose and wide nostrils. The ears are long with abundant feathering. It has a silky coat, sometimes with a slight waviness that comes in ruby, black %26 tan, tri-color and blenheim (rich chestnut on a pearly-white background). On Blenheim dogs, a chestnut-red spot on top of the head between the ears is preferred by breeders, but not critical.
Blenheim = red and white
Prince Charles = tricolor
King Charles = black and tan
Ruby = rich mahogany red
The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is an eager, affectionate tail-wagger. Lively, outgoing and sportive. These fearless lively little dogs want to please. They are intelligent enough to understand what you want and therefore are usually easy to train and respond well to gentle obedience training. They are said to be naturally well behaved and get along well with other dogs and non-canine pets. Cavalier's love people and need lots of companionship to be happy. They should not be left alone all day. They are descended from hunting dogs and love to romp in the great outdoors. This breed sometimes displays a chasing instinct and should be kept well enclosed or leashed so he does not get lost or run over by a car! They do best with older considerate children and some can be reserved with strangers. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a pleasant companion dog. It has a noteworthy sense of smell and vision and can be used in short hunts in open country. They do well in competitive obedience.
Height, Weight
Height: 12-13 inches (30-33 cm.)
Weight: 10-18 pounds (5-8 kg.)
Health Problems
Prone to syringomyelia, hereditary eye disease, dislocating kneecaps (patella), back troubles, ear infections, early onset of deafness or hearing trouble. Sometime's hip dysplasia. Don't over feed. This breed tends to gain weight easily. Some lines are genetically disposed early onset to a serious heart problem, which sometimes causes early death. When selecting one of these dogs, it is extremely important to check the medical history of several previous generations.
Living Conditions
Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are good for apartment life. They are moderately active indoors and a small yard will be sufficient. The Cavalier does not do well in very warm conditions.
Whatever exercise you can provide will be just fine with this adaptable dog, as they will adapt to your family's circumstances. However, they greatly enjoy a good romp in the park.
Life Expectancy
About 9-14 years.
Comb or brush with a firm bristle brush, and bathe or dry shampoo as necessary. The feathered hair on the ears is prone to tangling and matting, so this dog should be thoroughly groomed often. The hair between the pads on the feet should be kept trimmed and the ears should be cleaned regularly. Always make sure the dog is thoroughly dry and warm after a bath. Check the eyes carefully for any signs of infection. This breed is an average shedder.
The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is descended from the King Charles Spaniel and other small Toy Spaniels seen in many sixteenth, seventeenth, and eighteenth century paintings. Its breeders were trying to reproduce a toy dog similar to those seen in portraits from the time of England's Charles II, who was said to dote on these small dogs. In the 1920's the American, Roswell Eldridge, offered prize money during a Cruft's Dog Show in London, to any person exhibiting King Charles Spaniels with long noses. He was looking for dogs similar to those appearing in Van Dyck's paintings of King Charles II and his spaniels. By the 1940's these dogs were classified as a separate breed and were given the prefix Cavalier, to differentiate them from their forebears. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was shown in the Toy Group of the AKC beginning in 1996.
Gun Dog, AKC Toy

FCI = F茅d茅ration Cynologique Internationale
AKC = American Kennel Club
UKC = United Kennel Club
KCGB = Kennel Club of Great Britain
CKC = Canadian Kennel Club
ANKC = Australian National Kennel Club
NKC = National Kennel Club
NZKC = New Zealand Kennel Club
CKC = Continental Kennel Club
APRI = American Pet Registry Inc.
ACR = American Canine Registry
a 5 week boxer :) by the 6th week it will have out grown the purse...
Toy Fox Terrier. Adorably tiny.
A Bichon Frise its a small white furry little dog.there cute but expensive.
I would get a toy shih tzu
Dogs aren't made to go in purses. Dogs are not fashion accessories or toys, they are animals and should be treated as such.